1964 VW Dung Buggy

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Funnybug sez:

maybe it didnt sell cause of that dung reference (left)

ice ice baby

Ebay Description:

very nice 1964 Dune Buggy that needs a little work to be road worthy. We are selling this because we ran out of time to finish fixing hre up, and now we have other projects to work on. We started working on this about a year ago in shop class to make the Buggy look better, it had white on the body skirts and that made it look ugly. I repainted the headlights, taillights, and the side skirts dark bronze with gold flakes (looks awsome). Then I had the roll bar, windshield, and steering collumn painted black. I took the engine out because it was leaking oil so bad, then sent it to a mechanic to rebuild it. After going through the engine we found out the block was shot so we bought a nice used one, and then put the engine back to gather. But, after getting the engine running we were told (by a VW guru) that the engine was built wrong. So thats one of the reasons why we are selling it. You can drive it but I would recomend going back through the engine and rebuild it the right way.

Un finished:

Throttle cable is not hooked up
E-brake not hooked up
passenger seat is not bolted down
front end needs alignment
The new parts

bumper (not pictured)
flamethrower distributor, coil, and wires
stage 3 cam
rocker arms
steering wheel
racing seats

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