1964 Volkswagen Dune Buggy – Meyers Manx

Winning bid: US $4,200 .

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Funnybug sez:

kind of a foofy color but still cool

ice ice baby

Ebay Description:

As the man threw open the gate to his spacious estate, we were astounded to see a dozen boats resting peacefully on his lawn. There were big fishing boats, antique ski boats, crazy one person jet boats, jet skis, Boston whaler, row boat, kayak, canoe, you name it. He laughed it off with a hearty chuckle and said, “Yeah, my neighbors call me Noah.” I said, “Do you know something we don’t know? Are you getting ready for the big floods?” We all laughed and it felt good since we had driven 2 hours north of San Francisco for this big car guy meeting. I had a package deal in mind. We really only wanted one special car he had, but what better way to get the price down than to buy a few? So… this Dune Buggy was included in the deal.

The Dune Buggy is supposed to be a real Meyers Manx. Chatman and I had furiously researched it on the long drive up. A Meyers Manx is recognizable by a 2.5 inch wide by 3 inch long bump on the nose. When we arrived and started looking over the cars, we all went straight to the Dune Buggy. It just looked so fun. We walked around to the front and all three of us poked the bump on the nose. “Yup, it’s there.” We began to look around the Dune Buggy and ask a few questions. It had a beautiful giant motor. The exhaust was really cool and shiny. It said Empi everywhere on the engine. The man said it had high compression heads. The paint job is really groovy. The metallic purple shone brightly in the noon day sun. There were some really cool accent strips in red, white and blue. The gleaming white rims also had red and blue pin stripes to match. There were some gigantic street tires that still had the little hairs on them from barely having hit the pavement. It had some really cool racing seats and the black interior was shiny with beautiful gauges in the dash. There were two vintage gauges and three after market performance gauges. It was set up very nicely indeed. He asked us if we wanted to hear run and I said, “Hey man, your word is good with me. We were sent here by friends. If you say it runs, no need to go through all the motions.”

Needless to say, with the high quality of the man’s toys, a deal was struck, hands were shook, shoulders were clapped, tea was served, and paperwork was exchanged. When we arrived home and looked over our prize, we both beamed a grand grin. We set about starting the Dune Buggy and all it took was some fresh gas, a fresh battery, and some penetrating oil on the carb linkages. The more we looked at it the easier it was to see the Dune Buggy had been completely reworked. There were just some small details that needed tidying up. When my mechanic buddy started the Manx up it roared to life. It sounds like one of those giant hot rodded chain saws. The Dune Buggy is pumped up in the motor department. The thing sounds great.

Since I have owned the buggy I have had the clutch redone. A new rear main seal installed, and that’s about it. I am having a good time driving it to coffee and it turns more heads than my new Saleen or my old Corvette. If you’ve been waiting for a steal of a deal on a dune buggy, wait no longer. This is my end of summer sale and it would be my pleasure to have this delivered to your door step. I know you will get a kick out of it and all your neighbors will know you kick ass!

Regards, Harris

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