Radical 1970 Meyers Manx Dune Buggy

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So, where would YOU begin your article about the coolest dune buggy you've ever seen? The choices seem endless:

That this is a REAL Meyers Manx, thought by no less an authority than the designer's wife to be part of the very earliest production run of this legendary "Cherry Bomb on Wheels"?

Or, how about this? That this is a real barn find, brought back from the dead by a father trying to recreate his own first car for his then 16 year old son?

Another storyline could be the easiest: Many people would have a difficult time choosing between taking this thing out and having WAY BIG fun (and/or getting in WAY BIG trouble) or just parking it someplace and establishing a new religion to worship it. This is one very appealing car.

A 1970 Meyers Manx Dune Buggy was once a common sight anywhere you looked in America. They were designed by Californian Bruce Meyers to use a shortened VW Beetle floor pan and lots of the leftover bits. These "rolling whoopee cushions" could be found anywhere from the beach (where you'd expect to find them, of course) to (this is not a joke) the Annual Pike's Peak Hill Climb, where they broke record after record, kicking the snot out of monster open-wheel mountain racers of the day. Most famously, the original Manx crushed the motorcycles that had ruled the desert races down the Baja Peninsula, establishing the race that lives on today as the famous Baja 1000. Pretty good for a VW Bug, eh?

Today, seeing a real Meyers Manx is rarity. That's sad, because there's nothing out of date about the way it makes people laugh out loud when they see one or, even more so, when they drive one.

Sitting among the lust-inducing cars at Benchmark Classics, America's Hot Rod, Custom, Specialty and Muscle Car Playground, newly located in Middleton, Wisconsin, is what has to be the best looking dune buggy you will EVER see. Spend a little time on the photo gallery and I'll try to expand on a few of the many, many highlights of this gorgeous 1970 Meyers Manx.

The paint is "look at me!" orange, beautifully applied, then given a truly comprehensive flame job, exploding off the nose and then wrapping around and under the side pods. The blue flames are a little too subtle for the photos, but you'll love them in person.

The chrome roll bar frames a great cockpit, featuring racing seats with custom "Manx" stitching, audio headrests and padded racing harnesses. It has a Hurst-type shifter, full Sony sound system, VDO gauges and a fat little color coordinated steering wheel.

An engine from a VW Bus powered Bruce Meyers' original Manx Dune Buggy; the same holds true here. Installed by Benchmark Classics own Tim Marotz, the 1776 cc air-cooled flat four, with dual downdraft Solex Kadron carbs, combines the sound, looks and visibility that had so much to do with the original appeal of these cars. You better get good at talking about this VW engine, 'cause everywhere this car goes, someone will have a question (and lots of others will have stories!)

The fat Firestone Firehawk tires go great with the Centerline wheels. The pan floor is tough, shiny diamond plate, so you're gonna be lookin' good right side up OR upside down!

When the current owner found this dune buggy in a barn, he immediately e-mailed Bruce Meyers himself to determine whether this was, indeed, a real Meyers Manx, just like he'd had for his first car. He heard back from Bruce's wife Winnie, who is head of the Manx Club to this day. From the information supplied about the car, Winnie determined that this was not only an original Manx, but also one from the very first production run. It is the real deal.

The restoration was completed in 2003. Since then this car has won multiple trophies while putting only about 2000 miles on the clock. It couldn't look any fresher. It is a car that has a distinct personality, one that's very clear when you read its license plate: "Hang 10." What a cool car.

When it comes to hoot-out-loud automotive fun, nothing ever beat a Meyers Manx. And this one really could be "Best of Breed." You are encouraged to take it for a test laugh at Benchmark Classics, now on University Avenue in Middleton, WI.

Warning: Smiles are even larger than they appear in the mirror!

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