1985 VW Dune Buggy / Kit Car / Candy Apple Red

US $2,650.00
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Funnybug sez:

that gaping space between the windshield and the body bothers me

ice ice baby

Ebay Description:

This is a beautiful piece of machinery & I hate to part with it! It's a street legal head turner with candy apple red paint & a 1600cc motor.

Note: This kit car was built in 1985, so that's how the car is titled. The VIN on the title reads "DMV29178", but I I got an error that read "Vehicles manufactured since 1981 require a VIN" when I entered the year that's on the title ('85). So, I took my best guess at the year of the original engine & frame (1966). What you are bidding on is titled exactly as this, "year = 85, make = DUNE, model = DMV, body type = 2D".

The buggy has the following:

1) New rims & tires (1 y.o.).

2) A new windshield with bracket & new mirrors (all less than 1 y.o.).

3) I replaced all wiring 2 years ago. All lights & blinkers are in good working order.

4) It has a new generator, voltage regulator, & battery.

5) I replaced spark plugs & spark plug wires 2 years ago.

6) New rear "rail" bumper.

7) I've kept up with regularly changing the oil myself.

8) I've rhino-lined the interior & undercarriage (black).

9) No known rust in frame.

10) Fiberglass body.

Some minor flaws (pictures of all physical flaws are included): Very small paint imperfections. Also, no windshield wipers, the emergency brake is not hooked up, and the brakes are showing signs of wear & tear.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope that you will enjoy this dune buggy as much as I have. Happy bidding!

*One additional note* - This is a kit car built in 1985, so I'm unsure of the original mileage. The odometer reads 11,659.



Questions and answers about this item
Q: Can you give me some more info on the motor. Is it bored out? VW motor or aftermarket? oil leaks, etc. thanks
A: It's a 1600cc stock motor that has not been rebuilt (that I know of). It has a very small oil leak, but older VWs have a tendency to leak. The generator, voltage regulator, & spark plugs / spark plug wires are all new. Also, I've kept the oil changed.

Q: how well does it drive and handle on the street, could you meet someone part way on pickup?
A: The buggy drives & handles well on the street. My work schedule is pretty hectic, so unfortunately I'm not able to meet part way on the pick up.

Q: What is the diamond box in the back? Can it be removed for a seat?
A: Yes, it can be removed. It used to have a seat, but people would step on the fiberglass to get in & then hit their heads on the roll bar. I bolted the storage box in to solve the problem. It's just one bolt & could easily be removed.

Q: I am in Florida does the car have a top?
A: The car does not have a top.

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