TOO COOL!! 1976 V.W. Bug kit car / buggy

The seller ended the listing early and cancelled all bids.

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Funnybug sez:

no heat or cooling.. the description below is pretty cool.

Ebay Description:

VW Bug-based kit car. We don’t have any paperwork on the car other than the title (which is clear), but looking it over it appears to be a Beetle chassis and suspension/brakes, with some small modifications mainly to the front and rear overhang areas; a 1600cc dual-port engine with VW 4-speed; and a pretty cool buggy-style body.

We have not been able to find any information on who produced the body kit, but it appears to be very well done and quite solid, with a great look to it. I’m continuing to do research so I can get as much information together as possible, but if you know where the body came from…send me a note or a link!

The chassis (see photos) appears to be in very good condition with no rust, holes, or cracks. The floorpan is solid; the fiberglass tub is thick, smooth, and solid; and the joint area between the body and the chassis seems solid and has a nice fit.

The suspension looks great all around. Bushings and pivots are good, shocks/springs are in great shape, and everything works as it should. Going down the road, there are no bump-steer problems or torque-steer issues – it tracks straight and rides as smoothly as can be expected for such a lightweight car. Rough roads do not cause any issues, and it rides quite nicely on smooth pavement. American Racing wheels are all in great shape, as are the Uniroyal tires.

Brakes are four-wheel drums and stop the car very well – it is a light car, and the brakes work straight and true without any twitching or pulling to one side. The pedal is nice and firm, and progressively engages the brakes with no grabbing or unexpected behavior.

The body is solid, with no cracks, holes, or major issues that we have found. The paint is a little rough in some areas (some dirt in the paint and some orange peel, but no damage). It shines throughout and the color is consistent with no fading or chipping. The edges of the fiberglass are all smooth and consistent, and any trim is firmly attached with no excessive gaps or poor fit issues.

There are no doors, side windows, or roof - just climb on in.

The interior is also nicely done. The stereo is mounted on the passenger side of the front console, so take someone with you if you want the station to get changed because you’re not reaching it from the driver’s seat! It appears to be a standard DIN-size stereo, so you could always change it out for a later model stereo with a remote. Speakers are under the seat, facing forward (pointed at your feet). The seat itself is nicely upholstered, with good vinyl and strong stitching. The dash – molded to the body - houses AutoMeter Pro-Comp Ultra-Light gauges (volts, oil, RPM and speedo) that all work as designed. Odometer shows 467 miles. There is no fuel gauge in the dash – it is, quite literally, a paint stirrer stick that is marked for depth, that you stick in the fuel tank filler. It may be basic…but there’s nothing there that will fail, and it stores neatly under the seat! The steering wheel is small-diameter and does not tilt, but steers the car properly with good road feel. My 34” legs were a tight fit – my knee was wedged between the wheel and the bodywork when working the clutch, but a more “normal” sized person (I’m 6’4” with size 13 feet) should have no problems at all. The parking brake handle has a sticky spring in it – you have to pull the release button out to set the brake, but once the handle is latched in place the brake works properly, and as soon as you push the button back in, the brake releases and the handle drops back to the floor. The shifter is very short-throw with no pattern markings, but all the gears are where they belong and the transmission (and clutch) works as designed with clean shifting and no grinding. The clutch pedal has good feel to it.

The engine starts right up with no hiccups or coughing. It does not blow any smoke at all, at idle, on acceleration, or deceleration. Engine braking is good. Power is smooth and linear, and the engine doesn’t make any bad noises at all. The short exhaust pipes are not nearly as loud as I thought they were going to be – they have a nice rumble to them, but aren’t ear-splitting at all. The bottom of the engine has a little wetness on it, but that is to be expected on a motor of this vintage (again, the title says it’s a ‘76). It does not leave puddles or drip marks when you park it, and from topside there is quite a bit of chrome on the engine (which is nice considering how much of the engine is in plain sight). It’s not Bentley-silent (it is an old, air-cooled VW engine, after all), but there are no unusal noises coming from the engine.

The car has all the required lights and signals, and spots to hang license plates. By all appearances, it is street legal – it even has wipers! In Maryland, however, it can be tagged as Historic (or Street Rod, since it is significantly modified from stock) without needing an inspection since it’s more than 24 years old. It is possible that other states have similar rules – I encourage you to check with your DMV to be sure, though.

We WILL NOT inspect this car.

It is being sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS, with no warranties or guarantees whatsoever.
It’s a good running car with no apparent issues…but it’s not a daily-driver minivan and it’s not going to act like one. Please keep that in mind. It’s a 34 year old VW Bug with a custom body kit on it. It’s BASIC. There’s no heat or a/c, other than driving through hot or cold weather. There’s no top. At all. It’s kinda loud. It vibrates a bit because it’s so light. It’s a TON of fun to drive. You get a TON of looks and thumbs-up’s from other drivers, and I suspect if you took it to the local DQ on a Saturday night…you’d be buried with questions for hours.
But we can’t warranty it. Sorry.


We will not ship. It is the buyers’ responsibility to arrange pickup of the vehicle from our location in Thurmont, MD, 21788.

On Aug-25-10 at 11:47:38 PDT, seller added the following information:

Thanks to a helpful ebayer, it is apparent this is a BERRY MINI-T kit car, if you'd like to research some more details on the kit itself. I know I will be researching it!!


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