1966 Manx Style Buggy

US $6,500.00
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kool Ice blue

Ebay Description:

This buggy is built a little different. It has all the wiring inside the roll bars. There is no wire tying the body to the frame. Also the hood is removable. The dash is part of the roll bar and not the hood. If you need to get to the wiring, just pull off the hood and there it is, all exposed and easy to get at. This buggy has never been on the road. I have this buggy 99% done, just a few small finish things to do. May be you would like to finish it. I have all invoices, and a project book showing everything that went in. as well as a full wire diagram. If it's not chromed, it's powder coated or ceramic coated. Strong 1835 cc engine and new tranny. (Both have about 6000miles) New tires all around. Steel braided lines on all gas lines, brake lines, and breather lines, with earl fittings on all. Set of NEW Empi Carbs. This vehicle has already had paper work turned into the DMV, and has paid the fees. It is waiting for the inspection of the Numbers by the Highway Patrol. All paper work is cleared already.

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