1974 Volkswagen VW Manx Dune Buggy w Ragtop

Winning bid: US $4,999.99.

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Funnybug sez:

it's got a sweet cool factor

Ebay Description:

This is a GREAT Buggy and we will miss her, but it is time to find 'Penelope' a new home...

I kept a stock of new parts because they took to long to get. I've installed them all, but a few, and anything left over goes with the buggy
Original metallic flake finish recently restored with gelcoat.

Street Legal Manx Buggy. Lots of work went into ensuring the essentials work great. We needed a reliable, strong, fun buggy that would go to work if needed. From the wipers to the emergency brake, from the headlight brights to the trailer lights. Turn signals too, it's all good.

Less then 10,000 miles on dual port 1642cc rebuilt engine, and clutch system, by Adams VW of West Palm Beach, FL. Brand new heads and other critical inter engine parts were a must. Adam has a higher authority to answer to.

Less then 5,000 on custom built 4 speed swing axel trans by Fisher Buggy of Tampa, FL. Has lower 2nd & 3rd bus gears with additional beef-a diff spider gears, held in with delux support system. Heavy Duty clutch, throw-out bearing, hardware and cables. Short shift with new urethane shift coupler, and H.D. throttle cable . Designed for Heavy Duty work, like towing jet skis to the beach on custom made hitch. A 2nd brand new rebuilt custom H.D. Trans that was going in my rail is also included. Still dry for the shop.

Rear camber set for higher ground clearance , and Heavy Duty bushings installed.

Brand new Brosol/Solex Carburetor, Alternator, Starter, Coil, Wires, No Points Electronic Ignition on a .009 Distributor, Cap & Rotor. You can have the old set up, with many sets of new tune-up kits, bulbs, oil sump gaskets, brand new in box fuel pump, gaskets etc.

New coil-over shocks all around, rebuilt front end including tie rods and king pins. Extra Brand New 4 wheel bearing & race set still in box, and new stock shocks in box too.

Heavy duty bus rear brake drums, with matching shoes. All new 4 wheel brake job just finished, so fresh the shoes are still seating in. Includes New Varga wheel cylinders, hardware, and rear axel seals & O-rings. Extra rear wheel axel seals included, still in the original baggy.

5 lug aluminum racing rims, with 12 inch meats in the rear, for positive traction.

Beautiful custom tan top snaps right in, and rear window is in good shape. The original Manx side door windows are included, but I did not have them rebuilt. The frame is in very good shape, and they're dirty white. ( see attachment photo )

Other Extras include: Newly installed: Dual off road front spot lights, with relays. Low Back Black seats with cool in summer tweed fabric. Both sides on slides to adjust for leg room , and seat belts. Warranteed battery, EMPI 2nd set of shockboss brackets that can be welded in, H.D. Air Adjust shocks. All season matching carpet remnant.

Original top was used as templet to recreate tan beauty installed now. *Note* the above picture shows windows included for future rebuilt*

Special tools, and various manuals.

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