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When I acquired this dune buggy, I understood it had been built from a 1965 VW Beetle Chassis with a 1969 VW Beetle Engine. It utilizes a commercially fabricated custom fiberglass body by Kellison made with a green metal-flake finish. This kit car was built up, received the mandatory State Highway Patrol / BMV (Bureau of Motor Vehicles) inspection, is street legal and titled as a 1970 DUNE BUGGY.

It has the 4-speed manual VW transmission. The motor had plenty enough power and when in use, had the common VW engine oil leaks at the block seam and some of the push rod tubes. The leakage wasn’t dreadful, but enough to put a piece of cardboard underneath when parking on a fancy concrete driveway so the drips wouldn’t be embarrassing.

Although the VW odometer reads 12,581 miles, the true mileage is unknown. I have owned it since 1980 and it was last licensed and driven in 1986. In normal driving around town a brake line went out on it, so I drove it home using the emergency brake and parked it. Since then, it’s never gotten far from the bottom of my project list – a situation I see little likelihood of changing.

Over the 20-plus years of indoor storage all four wheels are locked up and do not turn, so it will need to be hauled out on a trailer or flatbed car hauler – It actually has a dolly underneath, which was used to get it out of the barn where it was stored, so the wheels look slanted in some of the pictures because the frame is up on the dolly and somewhat lifting the suspension. Fully on the ground, it sits as it should.

The original 6-volt electrical system was converted to 12-volts. The battery, generator and light bulbs were changed, but the starter and wiper motor both remain 6-volt units – while I used it I had no problem with the lower voltage starter and there is a voltage adjusting rheostat under the dash that was used to control the speed of the windshield wipers.

It does have a roll bar and has seat belts in the front only. The standard fiberglass front bucket seats need new covers and the back seat is in need of reupholstering. The removable vinyl ragtop seems good yet, but the rear vinyl windows have yellowed. It never had side curtains, but I think you can still have them made to fit. The alloy wheels and most of the chrome parts are pitted and will need either tended to or replaced. Although the tires still have decent tread I don’t think they would be dependable for road use after all this time. With the brakes frozen up, it will surely need an entirely new braking system, master cylinder, lines, wheel cylinders, drums, shoes – the entire lot. This will need restoration work, but I don’t think anything required exceeds average mechanical ability. The battery is most certainly trash and this is definitely a project in a condition you might expect to see in a 40-plus year old vehicle that’s been in storage for such a long time. I did rinse some of the dirt off for the pictures, but you can tell it’s not really clean yet…

It sounded really cool and was in full operating condition when driven to storage in 1986, it just had no brakes. Most of the tires are flat, but should hold air long enough to load and haul wherever you are taking it.

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