1964 Manx style Dune Buggy/Auto Trans

Winning bid: US $4,300.

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Funnybug sez:

(semi) Automatic

Ebay Description:

ust had the engine rebuilt, have receipts, $1200.00. Work was done by Beetle Shop, he only works on imports and specializes in Volkswagens. The interior and exterior on this car is in very good shape as you can see by pictures, just had interior carpeted. The wheels and tires are 6 months old. Car has only been loaded on a trailer and off the trailer into my garage since engine rebuild. Yes, the wheels are authentic Cragars, Front wheels are 14x6, Rear wheels are 15x10. , I have car insured thru American collectors Insurance and full coverage runs about $160 a year. The speedometer does not work, the radio does not work, I was going to put a new radio in but you can't hear it anyway when you are driving, this thing sounds like a Harley going down the road. All the lights work except the fog lights on the roll bar, they are not wired. Most unusual thing about this car is that it has a type III automatic Tranny that works fine. There is a slight transmission fluid leak, I think its the pan gasket, . This is a nice buggy but it is far from perfect, if you are looking for perfect this isn't it. I've had a lot of work done to this buggy since last fall, but still needs little things here and there. This car runs and drives great. I'm out of town quite a bit and don't have computer access when I'm not home so if you have questions you can call me 870-215-2979, If I don't answer leave a message and I will return your call, Thanks for looking, happy bidding. I have had some calls and I should clarify, this was a top end rebuild, Beetle Shop says crank and lower end all good,. Master cylinder is leaking down, I have a new master cylinder and mechanic will try to install this week.

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