1966 Volkswagen Dune Buggy Manx Style

Winning bid: US $4,050.

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gold metalflake :)

Ebay Description:

This is a very original H.I.S. Engineering Dune Buggy originally manufactured in Pompamo Beach Florida in 1969, The body is very well built and in good shape.It is very similar in design to the short wheelbase Meyers Manx. Very original including original paint Bold gold metallic with factory inlaid black pin stripping, It is the original Gelcoat finish, most top areas are faded, may be able to bring back with just clear coat. Also there is a small area in primer on the rear where the second owner had changed the style of tail lights from original. I had the fiberglass professionally repaired (Where he had made small holes) and the period correct tail lights were re-installed. I have all original documentation including all original 1969 Manuals and brochures even the original business cards and literature from H.I.S. Also have the documentation on the engine and where it came from in 1969 ,The engine is a 1600 (1592) single port, built by R&C Revmasters, it is the Spoiler Model with 75hp. I have all original sales brochures and documentation from R&C. It is a Swing Axle which was also upgraded when built in 69. In addition the smaller 4 bolt pattern drum brake set up was installed at this time. I did just recently adjust the valves, gave it a complete tune up and new exhaust,oil change, cap wires ,belt, Hella H4 headlights, rear shocks, etc... also has new front seat upholstery and marine grade carpeting and all bolts were changed out to stainless steel all washers are stainless steel or brass..... The motor is very clean and low mileage. You would not believe the original documentation and receipts I have on the buggy. Also have photo documentation from the 60's to present Even some pictures when it was used in a commercial here on Miami Beach years ago. It appears since 1969 the only things that have been added is the roll bar and mag wheels which are period correct Ansen Sprint Mags 13" front and 15" Rears they are in perfect shape no nicks on the edges very clean. A completely new Empi wiring harness installed ( The old stuff worked fine, but was a bit brittle) This buggy is very period correct with nothing cut up not even the dash.. Runs and drives extremely good (even at highway speeds), and stops straight with clear Florida title in my name, it is tagged registered and driven, You can insure this car for 10,000 with Grundy for 110.00 a year for full coverage. I believe the Dune Buggy has less than 10,000 miles on it since 1969. The engine is very clean inside and out. No smoke or strange noises. The only thing that does not work properly is the speedometer itself. The charging light and oil light work fine but the speedo does not work..... Below is my photobucket link so take a look at the pics. May trade for 87- 93 Mustang 5.0 Notchbacks (No Hatchbacks), hot rod or vintage car, S-10 V8 or Who Knows???

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