VW Dune Buggy 1835cc "myers maxx style"

US $3,450.00
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Funnybug sez:

cant tell if thats dust or gel coat rot

Ebay Description:

Titled as a 1962 VW but the power train is 1972 it has a high performance 1835cc motor with a high performance 4 speed manual transmission.The front seats are buckets the rear set is a bench. Seats are in good shape the drivers seat is missing a few stitches on a seem that's it. body is in great shape except for the clear coat it has faded in some spots like the hood and fender tops (not a hard fix lite wet sand and reshoot clear coat) .vehicle has all the DOT requirements like wipers,horn,head lamps(high&low beam)tail lights, brake lights,turn signals they all work. I do not use as much as i did in the past so i feel its time for it to go.

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