1963 dunebuggy

Sold For: US 5,300 .

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Funnybug sez:

gotta find me some of those rectangular lights

Ebay Description:

This is a manx style dune buggy, might be empi body, not sure. 1600 dual port engine with new progressive weber carbureator. it has later model full syncro swing trans axle with five lug adapters. jackman bent spoked stars with new urethane paint. 30 x 9.5 15 LT tires in rear. 215/75 R15 tires in front. Less than 1000 miles on tires, like new. quick release steering wheel. roller throttle pedal. new seats with toyota adjustable sliders, custom built to fit. Empi shifter. 3 year old urethane 2 stage paint, showing some fiberglass flex lines, but looks like quality jobs. was painted when I got it. All new brakes and master cylinder, less than 1000 miles ago. All street legal. Car is in southern Oregon. It is a great ride and has been really fun to drive. I'm selling it so cheap 'cause I really need the money right now, but I hate to see it go. It handles like a slot car.

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