1957 Dune Buggy,truck like body,Looks like a rare style

Sold For: US $3,000 .

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Funnybug sez:

but I think the bill of sale has to be notorized

Ebay Description:

I am selling this Dune Buggy ,Truck style VW buggy for a friend of mine. It is a very unusual style, have not seen one like this before. The top also comes off too!!! This is a solid southern vehicle. It runs great and can be driven anywhere, it is street legal. He doesn't know the manufacturer of the body, it has a 1600 single port motor and a four speed trans, fiberglass seats and tow bar comes with it.

The vehicle comes with a bill of sale , the state doesn't have titles on cars before 1975, your DMV knows this and they will title vehicle.

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