1971 Volkswagen Dune Buggy Manx Style Street Rod VW

Winning bid: US $7,401.

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nice mill

Ebay Description:

I hate to get rid of this car, but I have a growing family and obligations and too little spare time to fully enjoy it. My loss is your gain. I have documentation for most of the new parts in this car and will provide to the purchaser upon request. This car has been well cared for and I have always garage kept it. It runs fast and strong and has a high power to weight ratio. Handling is very quick and responsive. You won't be disappointed.

Currently Registered as a 1971 VW Street Rod in Maryland and is ready for you to drive home.



1971 VW Dune Buggy-Joe Poty Enterprises Sand Rover T Pickup Body

VIN 1112116875 Odometer 62,186 ( not actual mileage- see below)*

1904cc High Performance VW Engine (see full specs below)

Genuine VW 4 Spd Manual Transmission

IRS rear suspension

Adjustable Link Pin Front Suspension

The pictures are worth a 1,000 words but here is what you need to know.

I have owned this car since Nov. 2004 and have always garage kept it. Engine was totally rebuilt in the winter of 2005-2006 (see below for full engine specs). This car has only been used by me to go to a few car shows, driven in parades, and or to make a few pleasure trips around town during the summer months over the last 6 years. I estimate I have put about 3,000 total miles on this car since I have owned it. I did tow this car 700 miles +/- roundtrip once to the Outer Banks,NC once for vacation and it towed easily with our family mini van. (Rear buggy lights are wired for towing with Standard 4 wire tow light plug receptical wired to the front of the car). The car was always winterized properly every year .

Fiberglass is thick throughout on this buggy. There is a very small crack around the passenger side headlamp mounting point ( see picture) that has been there and has not gotten larger since I purchased the car in 2004. The head lights are also supported by steel supports from underneath so there is no stress on the fiberglass at that point. Floor pans are custom made flat sectioned steel and are solid through out. Seats are solid mounted on steel supports to the floor pan. Custom made hinged Aluminum Diamond Plate Engine Cover. Comes with Removable Yellow Bikini Top as seen in pictures. It takes about 2minutes to put on/ take off the top. Top stores easily inside storage compartment behind seats.

This car has never been raced, but with it's high horsepower fast revving engine and low overall weight, it accellarates quickly and will put you back in the seat. Car has not been dyno'ed.

*Odometer mileage is not actual as I replaced the speedometer/odometer with a used genuine VW unit after I purchased the car as the original speedo was faulty.

High Performance 1904 cc engine specs

Engine Built in winter of 2005-2006 ( Estimate less than 2500 miles on the engine since rebuild)

Engine Case Cleaned, Align Bored, Deck surfaced, Cylinders Bored 90.5mm, #3 cylinder Welded, Case Savers installed, and Clearanced for a Stroker Crank

New 74 mm DPR stroker counter weighted crankshaft w/8 dowells

New Mahle 90.5mm bore pistons/ cylinders

New Engle 120 camshaft w/USA cam gear (.435 Lift , 294 degree Duration)

New 041 Hi Performance cylinder heads w Hi-Rev Springs

Mild Port and Polish w/ 3 angle valve job

40mm intake X 35mm exhaust valves

50CC Combustion Chambers

Deck Height set at 0.050"

Compression set at 9.2 to 1, runs pump gas with no problems

Genuine Italian Dual Weber 40DCNF Carburetors (Rebuilt) w/ Match Ported Intake Manifolds, tuned and jetted

New CB Performance Custom Carburetor Linkage

New Chrome Oval 1 3/4" Air Cleaners

New Solid Rocker Shafts w/ Genuine VW rockers and Swivel Foot Adjusters

New Aluminum Bolt on Valve Covers

New Doghouse Oil Cooler

New 1.5 quart aluminum deep oil sump

New HD high volume oil pump w/ spin on filter

New VW Fuel Pump, Pump flange, Fuel Lines and Fittings

New Aluminum Breather Box

New Bosch 009 Distributor w/ Clear Red Cap

New Pertronix Ignitor Electronic Ignition Module ( never adjust points again!)

New Pertronix FlameThrower 40,000 V coil

New Pertronix Flame Thrower Silicone Ignition wires

New 3/4" Reach NGK Spark Plugs

New BugPack Ceramic Coated Dual Buggy Exhaust w/ Chrome Tips

New 12 V Alternator Conversion Kit

New Chrome Off Road Cylinder Head Tins

New Chrome Engine Cool Tins

Chrome Fan Shroud

New Chrome Full Engine Accessory Package

New Aluminum Degreed Crank Pulley

4 Speed Genuine VW IRS Transaxle

New Kennedy Stage 1 Clutch Kit, inc. new pressure plate and German T.O. Bearing

New Lightened 12lb Flywheel

Scat Drag Fast Short Throw shifter w/ Custom Chrome Knob

VW Link Pin Adjustable Front Suspension

Spun Aluminum Gas Tank w/ new Chrome Cap

4 Wheel Disc Brakes

Rebuilt Starter

New Tires with almost no wear showing

275 60R 15 Rear Delta Road Max

205 70R 14 Delta Essex Front

Cragar SST Chrome Wheels w/ Chrome hub covers and Spinners ( one rear wheel has some pitting and chrome flaking-see pics)

Speedometer Replaced w/ Genuine used VW Unit ( mileage shown not actual)

Sun Tachometer


Oil Pressure meter

Roller Accellerator Pedal

Chrome Show Bar w/ Fire Extinguisher

Jensen AM/FM CD Radio ( CD works intermittently- Radio could stand to be replaced)

New 6.5" Roadmaster Red Speakers (located behind seats)

New Summit Poly Race Seats w/ new Seat Covers

New 4 pt. Seat Belts and Mounting Hardware

Always used Mobile 1 Full Synthetic 10w40 Oil, Fram HD Oil Filters, and High Octane Pump Gas

Car runs strong, pulls hard, and handles like a slot car.

Starts First time/ every time. Always kept tuned.

Car is Tow Ready with standard VW tow bar.

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