1964 Volkswagen glitter bug kit

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Funnybug sez:

I like those accent stripes. Think I'll do that

Ebay Description:

Stored in doors for more that 30 years.A 1964 produced by Glitter Bug Inc. Co. owner Bill Harkey of San Fernado Calif. of Glitter Bug dune buggies. These buggies sold well, and were a serious contender in both quality and style, to the Manx.It followed the Manx by just a few seasons.Whilst continuing the traditional dune buggy lines, the Glitterbug had wider and deeper fenders which prevented water from front tiers spraying into the interior. Another noticeably different feature for the BUG was the front hood, which had a styling ridge running down the center,and,with the VW fuel tank turned around,the filler cap is further back , for safety. The filler cap is a chevy corvette unit, which gives the buggy a clean and up-market appearance, tail light from Impala, and, at the front, a neat chromed bumper further enhancing appearance alonge with silver metalflake color-matched side panels,it is a very neat and eye-catching vehicle which lives up to it's flamboyant name.The buggy is unrestored and mostly original, with the classic sixty's dune buggy look. This kit car was built right back in the day and is still solid with out rust. . The orignal bright silver metal flake is in great shape however there is some spider web craking in a couple of spots (see images).Every thing on the buggy works in very good operating condition and is street legal (for your aera please check with your local MVD) with a 12 volt ele. system. 1500 engine starts right up and runs very good.No smoke and pulls strong. Engine comp. tested and is 100-103 psi on all 4 cylinders. New Schaffer clutch kit, new Solex H30/31 PICI carb, new engine & trans mounts,new engine rear main seal, new axel boots, new brake wheel and master cylindes, new brake hoses & fluid resovore, new brake shoes,new 4 Big O SXPG/T P235/70R15 M/S tiers, new ign. bosch super plugs,points, condensor,plug wires,and blue coil.Just changed oils this week.Stewart warner oil and amp guages. JVC AM/FM cd player with *" rear speakers. Heavy skid plate with rear bumber and roll bar. VERY GOOD ALL AROUND FUN BUGGY, NO JUNK HERE, but at 6'4" 250 lb's. I'm just to big for it.If you have any questions please ask first. Inspestion is welcome. Look it over and you decide. This Dune Buggy is sold as is where is

Q: I have'nt received a reply,apparently you don't want to sell this thing or you are trying to run some kind of scam---which is it?
A: You are wrong on both accounts, just ask your questions about the "buggy" and I would be happy to answer if you would like answers.If you are not confident just back off. Thanks .
Jun 02, 2010
Q: Where in NM are you?
A: Hello, Yes car is located at zip code 87068, that is located just about in the center of the state, NM,just off of I 25 .
May 31, 2010

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