Subaru powered Manx style dune buggy

Sold For: US $10,000.

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Ebay Description:

Subaru Powered Manx Style Dune Buggy

I built this buggy from the ground up 10 years ago and have enjoyed every one of the 10,000 trouble free miles I have put on it since completing it. It was built to be driven and has no issues with cooling, handling or wiring woes. With that said here is a list of the build:

* Original Spatz body from the 60’s

* Berrien tube chassis with Berrien fiberglass floor

* Adjustable beam

* Drop spindles with disc brakes on front

* Caster shims with 4 wheel alignment

* Line lock

* Fully built swing transaxle with close ratio 3rd&4th super diff, Vanagon brg, Erco side covers

* Moore Mid mount with urethane pads

* Black Magic disc with Stage 1 pressure plate

* Bus snubbers in rear

* KYB shocks all around

* Al Reed triple chromed Porsche Fuch wheels not replicas

* 195/50/15s front 295/50/15 rear B.F Goodrich Euro t/a tires

* Custom roll cage

* 2.5 Subaru 27,000 mile engine. USA engine not JDM

* Gene Berg motor mounts

* Shortened oil pan

* Kennedy adapter and Flywheel

* Custom Ceramic coated exhaust with Hayabusa mufflers, very quiet

* Custom painted Porsche gauges

* Moon gas pedal

* C&R dual pass radiator modified for horizontal application

* 3000 CFM computer controlled fan

* Laptop or module programmable Engine Management system

* Outfront Motorsports programmed computer

Very stable at high speeds. Runs cool and fast! Please email me with your questions if you are seriously interested in purchasing the car. The car is located 10 minutes south of Denver, Colorado.

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