1968 Volkswagen Beetle - Classic

Winning bid: US $3,050 .

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Funnybug sez:

sits nice.. looks like a fun buggy to drive

Ebay Description:

This is an fiberglass dune buggy on a 1961 vw frame...it has a plague that says empi imp on the hood....i bought this car in the fall. it was not used for a number of years so i replaced all the fuel lines put new gas in it and it started right up ran perfect..but last week i went to start it and the starter had broken...i also put a new exhaust on it and i bought new bearings but never installed them... it has cragar rims and newer looking tires....it has a couple dings and a few scratches but they scratches can probably be buffed out cause they don't look to be deep .....i have two sets of seats for it....the passenger side seat bracket is missing...this is a cool and easy project..it has no rust....

I don't have a title for it but will provide a bill of sale....because of it's age i don't see it being too hard to get a title.

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