1970 Volkswagen Beetle - Classic Dune Buggy

Winning bid: US $5,757.57 .

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Funnybug sez:

I never had a purple dune buggy,,, hmmmm

Ebay Description:

I am selling a beautiful Meyers Manx style buggy. You can take it to shows, or drive it anywhere. It is completely street legal. I have owned this buggy many years, and it is a great car. The motor , transmission, and complete drive train, runs like new. Being a volkswagon mechanic, I have went through this car from front to back and re-done or replaced nearly everything. A very rare and expensive hardtop comes with the car, also an am/fm radio is included, but not installed. Some of the new items installed are : Alternator system, 12 volt electrics, complete tune-up, carburetor, new starter, new battery, new rear coil shocks, front tie rods, brake lines, new tires, new Meyers Manx stainless steel rollbar, new windshield glass, new radio antennae, new seats, and much more. There is lockable storage behind front seats. All gauges and electrical work great. Gas gauge needs hooking up.

This buggy has the most fun you can build into a vehicle. Kids wave, everybody wants to take pictures of it.

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