1972 Volkswagen Meyers Manx Bettle Pan

US $3,300.00
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Funnybug sez:

you remember the Bettle's ... right?


Ebay Description:

For Sale Low starting bid~Don't let this one get away Up for your consideration and Bidding Pleasure on this antique buggy... This Fiberglass original Dune Buggy by Meyers Manx Co Manufactured Late 1960's Early 70's is almost Forty Years Old and one of the nicer Fiber Glass Bodies produced by The Meyers Manx Co, With the Double Bubble Hood that shows off it's nice smooth lines of this classic hard to find body style ( nice ) Complete running condition and boast's the Big Guy Engine ( 1915cc ) ( Street Legal Rocket) A Volkswagon dule port engine with the dule carb set up for reliability and Hualien Ass... no choke assy is required on this type of large bore engine with Duel Carb Linkage, simply pump once/twice and fire it up, these carbs are set to run rich as not to burn or seiz these big bore motors... Ground up rebuild, VW pan, trans-axel, front end assy all cleaned, primed and painted Corvette White, The Body has never been wrecked or damaged and is in A-1 Condition, Battery compartment is larger for hosting Amp and Pre-Amp current required for premiere stereo system's hook-up ( stereo system not supplied in this auction ) Body Painted Medium Deep Ford Blue Metallic base coat-clear coat with the largest flake to original 60's Color's. With just enough Orange Boomerang Stripping on the hood as not to be Tacky or God'dy Looking and is a well balanced color & paint theham... We figured this Car has parked for over 23 years before purchasing with smaller single port motor and eventually up-grading to present motor for increased reliability. I kept everything original like the little fender mirrors, blinkers who knows what they came off of in the day thats how these were built Order up the body, shorten the VW pan 14" bolt the body on and Run to the Junk Yard for all the Extras you could find mirrors, tail lights & running lights. The Rims are all original, They were all Re-Chromed so I could keep that Low Original Retro Look... 14's in the front and 15 inch are in the back, This New 1900 cc Engine is two years old and has Under 2,000 miles on it and was purchased for this buggy project when I started it and is a Strong Runner... When Car was purchased it had to pass California Highway Patrol Inspection for sitting so long and was issued a new tag under special construction catagory and they even passed it with the steering Brakes set-up in it, which I thought was pretty cool...( R-L Rear Brakes ) Wind Shield is New and Clear that set's in a Powder Coated Yellow Frame ( nice ) There is a wiper motor switched and all hooked up and ready to go, we just need the Wipers, Turn Signals, Head Lights and Brake Lights all work great ( Brake Light Switch Sticks so it's unplugged right now ) after finding a Roll Bar it was cut down for the best look and performance which bolts in strong & secure, the rear seating area is clean and comfortable with two seat belts installed for saftey and to be Legal, The front Seats also have Safety Belts installed to be Street Legal and for safety... I'm not sure what the make of the front seats are, but they are a mid sized and are do for some uplostry...with tilt action on these seats for battery access or easy loading to the rear bench seat area, battery is a 12 volt gell along with a new alternator and starter for this 12 volt system to summerisle this project in full, There's a larger beep horn ( it's kinda loud )... as you can see in the pic's this is not your average Buggy... Looks is everthing... I do reserve the right to cancel this auction as it may sell elsewhere and all sales are final... Please email me with Questions or more Pic's This is a Nice Clean Car, Winner Will Not Be Disappointed ( Maby this isn't what your looking for, So only bid if you want a piece of Southern Cal's DuneBuggy History and a very sweet ride) Everywhere I drive this thing, people just love checking it out...

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