1969 Dune Buggy, Manx Style, VW, Restored.

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Funnybug sez:

like the upholstery.

Ebay Description:

Selling my restored 69 Dune Buggy. I was looking for a proper 60's buggy for a couple of years with no luck. My good friend James of The Rustbox found this one stored in a garage in Visalia, CA. It had been sat for many years with no engine, faded paint, old tires and no seats. We did a deal, dragged it to his workshop and then rebuilt/restored the whole thing. So, it has a brand new 1600 engine with some chrome dress up bits and pieces, of course the generator, carb, coil, exhaust etc etc are also new. We rebuilt the brakes completely, shoes, brake lines, master cylinder and wheel cylinders, the drums were perfect. We also rebuilt the rear reduction boxes with new seals and bearings. It has a new 10 gallon gas tank, new shocks, new tires and all new wiring from the front of the car right through to the back. We rebuilt the low back VW seats with new foam and white diamond tuck and roll vinyl. A white Grant steering wheel and Empi short throw shifter were added for good measure. The car still has its very cool original 60's Dietz 820 headlights. The Cal Custom foot gas pedal is also original. As is the truck antenna and sweet chrome reverse wheels. The body style is obviously Manx, its very close in design to the Meyers one. I think it could be a Sears, it is super thick and very good quality. I decided to try and keep the paint as it was back in 1969 when the car was built. It had some scratches and a few cracks but we kept them because removing them would of trashed the original flake gel coat, paint and patina. They are small and only add to the cars character. We carefully buffed out the body and then applied lots of layers of clear coat, it came out great, much better than any of us expected and really sparkles. The windscreen has a slight blue tint to it too, the whole car looks fantastic. The body has never been cut for a roll bar which is a very rare thing.The chassis and running gear are '62 shortened Beetle and the work has been done exceptionally well. The buggy drives perfectly, practically everything is new, its very reliable and can be driven anywhere, 70mph freeway speeds are a breeze. This is a true California black plate car and has been here all its life. It has been featured in Dice magazine and Type magazine. The wiper motor is installed and I have the blades. The only thing I can't get to work is the fuel gauge, the sender is new but no matter what I do the thing won't work. I have done 950 miles in the car so far and the motor is now nicely bedded in and has not missed a beat. I have the rear engine guard/cage which can be fitted in 10 minutes, however I think it looks ugly so have left it off but it will come with the vehicle if you want it. Anyway, for more info look on The Rustbox website and /or email me. It breaks my heart to sell it, it will be hard to find another like this and in this condition but I need the money, same old story I'm afraid. I have the car for sale elsewhere so the auction could end early.

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