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Funnybug sez:
real cheap for an ultra rare Sand Shark! .

Ebay Description:

RB CORVAIR ENGINE 140HP CORSA **** DUNE BUGGY BUILT WITH CORVAIR COMPONENTS ***** IF YOU HAVE LESS THAN 10 FEEDBACK, PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE BIDDING Up for auction is a very nice Corvair Powered Dune Buggy. Very well built. The 6 cylinder air cooled Corvair Corsa (RB) engine is mated to a 4 speed transmission. Corvair specs show this to be a 140HP engine. The dune buggy also has a custom frame built around a Corvair front end and transaxle. The Sand Shark body was designed for a VW conversion, but this buggy is all Corvair and Custom. Really looks like a professional job. HISTORY The Dune Buggy was built for the sand and used as such. It was driven in the Michigan sand dunes and was used and setup as an off road sand buggy. It was not titled for the street. FEATURES First and foremost the quality workmanship of the custom built frame, diamond plate floor, engine detail really jumps out at you. The dash is pretty simple with a speedometer, cig outlet, leather storage bag and toggle switches which control lights, blinkers, etc. The finish, aside from the black hood, is a gelcoat blue metal flake finish. Nice matching rims and white letter tires. CONDITION The engine starts easy and runs strong. The glass is not cracked or chipped. The body finish is very shiny, but has some rubs and scratches. Rims look excellent and rubber is good. Headlights, led blinkers, flashers work. Buggy steers easily. This was designed to be a sand buggy so the transaxle (drive axle) has been converted to full time posi-traction. The buggy has 4 forward speeds but no reverse. The full time posi-traction makes traction great, but turning on pavement feels a bit unnatural. Brakes work well. Interior is clean and so is the frame. The Dune Buggy could be converted to all street or made street legal depending on your local requirements. The buggy comes with a 1961 Ohio title that has been signed off but not dated. I have included a photo of the title. I do not know what your state's requirements are for titling a dune buggy. This is a no reserve auction so the high bidder will win this Dune Buggy. Please bid accordingly. Thanks.

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