Autodynamics GS/GT Mid-Engine Cobra Beater.

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Funnybug sez:
quite possiblt the ultimate Deserter.

Ebay Description:

PLEASE NOTE……. This ad has just a portion of the information previously compiled on my Deserter web page at You need to fully review the information there to appreciate that there is much more to this car than you might think based on a quick look. Also note that the RESERVE HAS BEEN LOWERED from when the car was advertised (watched by 155 and viewed 5,709 times!!) recently in "Other Makes". My desire to sell NOW means that someone will get a lot of car for the money. For sale is my highly customized, fully sorted, original 1971 Deserter GS/GT. It is a 270+hp mid-engine, 1560 lb. high performance, two-seat, sports/street/autocross car (2006 rebuild) built to high standards. Compare, before you question the fun factor, the 5-3/4 lb. per hp power-to-weight ratio! Originally built and sold by Autodynamics and Dearborn Automobile in Massachusetts. There is no other Deserter out there like this one. It is powered by a finely tuned 2332cc H-4 air cooled motor built by award winning engine builder Pat Downs at CB Performance in CA with a T04 turbo blowing through dual 44mm Weber carburetors. Every component of the motor is the best of ALL the heavy duty parts available. Same for the four-speed transaxle which has every possible modification short of going to a specialty case . The car did 0-60 in 4.6 seconds with an amateur driver! SERIOUS money, time, creativity, innovation and engineering were invested into building this car. The car has won first place at a dozen car shows including best of show and best engine, so the car is in very nice condition. However, it is not a trailer queen. It was built to be driven so it does have some typical but extremely minor indications of use. The Ferrari Rosso Corsa red paint is as nice as it can get on fiberglass. It is a no-nonsense car that deserves an owner (or owner’s mechanic) capable of understanding the complexities of the mid-engine configuration, the Webers, the dry-sump system, the adjustable ignition components and more. This car runs so nice and sweet it’s unreal. On my web page you can check out all the custom features like the steel and aluminum semi-monocoque chassis, rear trailing arm coil-over suspension, 1/4” thick Brazilian Rosewood-on-aluminum dash and center tunnel accent, stainless steel brake and clutch lines with AN fittings, tons of stainless braided lines all with AN fittings, Canton 1-micron high flow fuel filter, custom front brake cooling ducts, water-tight opening side pods, tilt-nose, swing-up/lift-out aluminum fuel tank plus all the specifications and pictures of MUCH more. Just the motor with the exhaust system, dry sump system and ignition components, would cost over $10,000.00 to replace. Please email Mike at with your questions if you are seriously interested in purchasing the car. I’ll be glad to give you my cell number to discuss the car in greater detail if you are serious. The car is located 40 minutes Southwest of Boston, MA. Question & Answer Answered On Q: I can't believe this car has not sold! Only someone that has built there own car can truly appreciate the hours of development and labor you have put into this rolling art.I would ask you why sell but I understand it is time for a new project. Good luck on your sale. This is one of the best I have seen and your engineering skills are fantastic. Feb-21-10 A: I can't believe it either. I guess the economy is worse than I thought. I'd love to keep it and do another car but I can't afford to do both. College tuition is a killer. Thanks for the nice words. Mike R. Q: what are the blocks for that raise the intake manifold up? also i see to diferent engine set apear pat downs style but the one installed in the car has a different intake routing?? anyinfo would be have by far the most exotic vw buggy i have ever seen and im completly this in a really like more info on it Feb-21-10 A: When I first tried to fit the motor into the car the intake manifolds were hitting the upper side frame members so I fabricated the risers to get the clearance I needed. Those risers were a bit of work as I needed clearance for the bottom attachment fasteners and I couldn't machine inward too much because of the large ports. They also had to be perfectly port matched to both the heads ( which are huge hogged out D-shaped ports on the Wedge-Port heads) and to the Webers. When I bought the engine it had been run and tested with that generic setup of tubing from the turbo to the pressure hats on the Webers. As the car progressed, things got tighter and tighter. I basically re-worked those tubes and in the process straightened, evened and smoothed out the runs to smooth out the flow and also to lower them to clear the engine lid. I always seemed to miss DBs&HVWs at the shows. It was in Kit Car as noted on the web page.

Q: Greetings, I have know Alex for years and this is only the second Desserter I have ever seen. It is really nice, too. Good luck with your auction. Dave Feb-21-10

A: I know of at least seven Deserters in my area of Massachusetts. Check out

Q: What a really well-thought-out, well-constructed, interesting racer! I'm sure you'll eventually find the buyer for whom this is the perfect car: It would be for me if I didn't already have a 2-seater. Feb-20-10

A: Thank you for the compliments. It's very nice of you people who take the time to send your encouraging comments.

Q: best looking kit car I have ever seen,well done I hope you get every penny you are asking. Rolling art!! Feb-19-10

A: Thanks for the compliment! It was a LOT of work! Mike R.

Q: Wow!! That car is a rolling work of art! I read every bit of information on your website and it was very impressive. Obviously a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this build. Have you thought of listing this car under the Other section? Regards, Seth Feb-19-10

A: Hi Seth. Thanks for the compliments! The most rewarding aspect of the car is when people like yourself recognize what it really is. People love it at car shows. I did run it a couple weeks ago in the "Other Makes" section and it had 155 Watchers and around 5,500 views! Nobody with the $$$ to buy it, though. I'm already getting Spring Fever (way too early) to get it out and do some driving.

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