VW/356 Manx style dune buggy.

Winning bid: US $3,627.70

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Funnybug sez:

strange body.. wonder if it's home grown..

Ebay Description:

This buggy was built by a well known local Portland car nut in 1980. The project got its start when the owner rolled his '62 356B. The pan is type 1 beetle. The body is a 4 place Manx style body of unknown manufacturer. The Engine, brakes, steering column, wiring loom, instruments and front seats are from the 356. The engine is a type 616/1. The serial number is 606969. The buggy was parked sometime in the late eighties for a worn out clutch. The fuel tank looks pretty rusty, so I used a remote tank to run the engine. The engine itself seems sound, but the carburetors (44 IDF) are no doubt full of rust, so it didn't idle. I removed one of the valve covers and noted that the top of the cylinder head was clean. I do not know the maintenance history of the motor. Knowing the guy that built this, I suspect it will be found to be in good shape. The clutch is completely gone, so I have been unable to test the transmission. The buggy has giant Compmotive alloy wheels. The tires are 265/50/15 on the front and 295/50/15 in the rear. The body is in good shape with only minor chips and scratches. There is one spot on the lower part of the nose that has a little damage covered by tape. The yellow color is in the gel coat and would probably polish up pretty well. The interior upholstery is not that great. For some reason they installed carpet and jute pad on the floors. It did a great job of holding moisture, and the floors are soft in places. It has top bows and goofy looking Model T type top. The top is in decent condition but has shrunk. There is also a tonneau and engine cover. I'm sure some reading this are annoyed I've put this thing in the 356 section, but the Porsche mechanicals are what attracted me to it. This is a cool period buggy that would really be something restored. You would be a celebrity at a bug nut convention, and pariah at a 356 gathering. 1962 Porsche 356

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