1973 dune bugy street legal.

Winning bid: US $5,500

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Funnybug sez:

nice details..

Ebay Description:

The car is registered as a 1973, but I've been told it may be a 1967 or somewhere inbetween: The body is also thicker in the glass than most body styles of this type: I have all the photos from the rebuild and all manuals and (receipts totaling around $12,500.00) The pan has been shortened 141/4 inches: The car has 2986 miles since the complete rebuild: The motor is a new 1600 GEX: Tail light are 1939 ford style glass lenses: The back seats have been removed and converted to storage with steel diamond plating with 2 locks on the door and the inside is lined with black auto carpet: Dash gauges are Stewart Warner: The stereo and speakers are Blaupunkt, Miami Beach CD51, 4X50W, with removable stereo face plate,and steering wheel remote: The 6V system and wiring harness have been replaced with 12V: The car is 100% street legal: There are some extra spare parts from the rebuild: Imperfections to date: The windscreen has a crack (I have no idea how) I just discovered today when I removed the cover to detail the car for photos: The windscreen 6V wiper motor needs to be replaced with a 12V motor: The body and paint is in great condition except for your normal road use but I do have a can of the original paint for touch ups: Overall the car is in great shape and running condition and did I mention it gets great gas milage also!!

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