1969 Other Makes Berry Mini T4 Roadster.

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Funnybug sez:

The 4 seaters just have a look of awkwardness..

Ebay Description:

What we have here is a Dune buggy Type vehicle. it is a 4 seater. I am not sure who made the body or what year frame it is on. I got this a trade package and I am not interested in fixing it up. Anyone who does know about the vehicle Please tell me. In the State Of Alabama in it registered as a 1929 Ford Del T with a vintage plate. It is what it was listed as when I traded. So just to make sure it is CLEAR, it is not a original Ford Del T but sometype of buggy or kit car. Now it has Rally Sport rims and tires and it will need new tires. The paint is flaking and I took a picture of the wordt spot. The seats that are in it are cheap in make and there are no back seats. The engine I believe is a 1600cc with a single carb. It does run is cold natured and shifts good. I have a new fuel tank for it.I did not like the one that came in it but have not got around to swapping it. You can see the tank in the back seat. The wiring is vw original with the glass fuse and is not very good. It will need work to bring all the toy in it out. make sure you know what you are bidding on. Read the descriptionn twice. No title in alabama it has a Bill of Sale.Is not a original 29 Ford Del T as registered. What you see is what you get. Please ask questions..No More Pics.I may entertain some form of alternative payment. No this does not mean financing.I am looking for other things. I hope I have been clear and not to hard on the buggy.It is fun to drive. OH and it does not have a top.. Thanks and Good Bidding. Just a final note and thanks to someone for sending me note.This may be one of the Berry Mini T Roadsters. Thanks I think I have found a set of bows for the top. The previous owner of the Bug after seeing the ad called to remind me that the car has been in storage most of the time. But it has relatively new brake shoes, wheel cylinders and drums.. as well as having been undercoated. Thanks to him for pointing this out..

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