74 volkswagon dune buggy 1600 Vw Fiberglass bdy meyers.

US $2,181.00
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Funnybug sez:

Maverick tail lights, pretty color, silly floor mats..

Ebay Description:

I have for sale a 74 vw dune buggy. I bought the car earlier this year and rebuilt the dune buggy into a very nice car. I bought the car and rebuilt it with my kids since they wanted me to buy another dunebuggy, because we had one years before. I broke my back in the Army a few years ago and I have alot of problems with it and it forces me not to ride bikes anymore. With the thought of driving it with my friends was a good idea, but it rides a little rougher then my back will take! I bought it and the motor was just rebuilt and had a new clutch put into it. I put new brake lines on it(there is not all new lines on the dunebuggy) and rebuilt the front rotors with new pads and wheel cylinders. The front end has been all rebuilt with new kingpins and bushing, shocks and other parts which was well over $500. I undercoated the body to and frame to protect from rock chips and rust. The frame itself was very solid with no rust and in very good shape. I sanded down the body and fixed two little cracks and sealed the body. After the sealer I put three coats of royal plum metallic purple paint on, which turned out very nice, and shines great and grabs peoples attention! There is one flaw in the paint and it happened when we put it on the trailer after it was painted and gas spilled on the hood due to a bad gas cap seal. Now that is fixed and all the damage was three little runs on the hood by rhe gas cap. I have enough paint and if it goes for the price I want I will paint and fix the hood if you want. Everything works except the tach and the gas gauge started sticking at half full now. It has a radio in that works, a cool sounding horn, a speedometer that works and a oil pressure gauge. The front seats are in good shape with new seat covers and a brand new back seat that was made at the upholstery shop. The back seat is very comfortable, also the car runs great and sounds good with the pipes. I let the car sit for three weeks and went out to start it @ 5:00 and the temp was 30 some degrees and it started up like a new car, without missing a beat. Overall the dune buggy is in great shape and runs and drives great. I would jump in it and drive where ever you needed to go, without hesitation.


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