1965 Volkswagen Meyers Manx style Dune Buggy .

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This has 'the look'.

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Very reluctantly offering for sale this 1965 Volkswagen Dune Buggy due to upcoming wedding and medical expenses....

This is a true survivor. It was "rescued" 22 years ago from a barn where it was stored as a partially finished conversion. Over the next decade or so, the owner, a family member who is a devoted VW enthusiast and racer, completed the assembly. A lot of care and detail went into this little car, but as time wore on, other projects took precedence and it went into dry storage shortly after completion, never having been put on the road. I purchased it this summer and spent a little time in bringing it into running order with the intent of keeping it forever, but that just isn't in the cards, having recently become disabled and facing a daughter's upcoming wedding. It was registered for the first time in decades last week!

The vehicle is based upon a 1965 Beetle. It has a very, very solid floor pan, which has been completely sealed and painted in order to preserve it. It retains the original drive train, with the basically stock single port motor, 6V electrical system, etc., making it a real old school buggy. The fiberglas body kit is either a Meyers Manx, or one of the direct copies of the Manx popular in the era. The ID plate for the body is not present, so confirmation of the manufacturer isn't there. It is finished with deep, molded in bright green metalflake paint under a coat of clear finish. No cracks, chips, or repairs on the body! Paint is bright, looks like it is 6 inches deep and just shines in the sun!. Interior consists of two racing style bucket seats in black vinyl/naugahyde, the original VW guages plus a Faria tachometer, Grant GT steering wheel, and a roll bar. The stock VW shifter has been replaced with a narrow pattern aftermarket shifter, of which I am not really fond but it does it's job. All instruments work, as do the wipers, signals, etc..Brand new HD battery. As in the rest of the car, wire looms and covers are used. New Jackman style custom made chromed wheels all around, with brand new radial tires. Full crash bar type bumpers front and rear. Suspension, driveline and chassis components are all painted and detailed nicely. It is believed that the 32K miles shown on the odometer are correct and not rolled over, but can't be proven. There is no top or back seat, although there is a position for a seat to be placed.

Operationally, the Buggy is in running, rolling and driving condition. The motor has no knocks, smoke, or other evil noises other than the great sounding bark from the headers. Transmission is sound, as is the clutch and cylinder. I replaced the front wheel brake cylinders, which were brand new but had dried out and leaked during long term storage. The brakes work well but are pulling a bit, they will need to be bled again, and adjusted. If time permits I will do this during the week, but no promises. Parking brake works properly. It goes down the road as straight and true as a 45 year old dune buggy can be expected...noisy, bumpy, windy, loud, quick steering and fun. Lots of waves and smiles as you head down for an ice cream in Sunday! It is by no means a rocket, since it has about 35-40 HP, but it's very light and fun.

Overall, this is a sharp, drivable, fun little Buggy. It has only been driven about 200 miles since the conversion and build has been completed, so the buyer should assume that he/she will have to make final adjustments, tweaks, and a few finishing touches to complete it. Issues like that are that the horn, which is present, needs to be connected; there are no seat belts in the car, which can be obtained from a junk yard. (NYS requires a minimum of lap belts in 1965 and up vehicles, your state may not) The windshield washer pump and reservoir isn't hooked up, probably needs new wiper blades. Another NYS item is the need for a license plate light, which isn't present. Included is a new package of body seam molding which the buyer may or may not wish to install around the hood assembly, not required but it stops squeaks and paint wear. About the most notable mechanical needs are the aforementioned brake adjsutments, and the fact that after long storage, the the engine could probably stand a little tuning, most notably the carb may either need adjusting or a rebuild kit. The fuel in the tank was 10 years old, I siphoned off what I could and filled it with fresh 89 octane, as well as a little carb cleaner to help get the dead fuel out of the system, but it doesn't want to idle down very well. Runs, accellerates and pulls as it should, just wont maintain an idle. I am no Solex expert, so I assume that it could be the carb itself, or possible a linkage adjustment. Not a very dramatic issue, and something the average Bug guy or gal can handle in an hour or so, but I want to make sure that I disclose all that I know about the car.


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