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Funnybug sez:
presentation is everything

Ebay Description:

Well I'm sure no expert on dune buggy's but this early 1970ish buggy was all but given to me by a lady who's son died 5 years ago, and it was his.
First I will lost the minuses as I see them.
It's been sitting for at least 5 years, and will require whatever that would dictate? It's pretty dirty, and won't win any beauty contests. I know it has a flat front tire and I don't know how to unlock the steering. (It has a key) I don't know where the V.I.N. number is and I do not have a title for it. I can only give you a bill of sale.

Now for the plusses. It was a running and driving vehicle when it was last parked. The engine is a dual port model and turns over freely. The mother said that he put a lot of hot rod stuff in the engine but I couldn't say just what. This is a project car, and is probably 35 years old, so I am selling it as-is. I would rather you plan for the worst and hope for the best than be disappointed, however...that said...I have no doubts that someone more mechanical than myself could have this buggy up and running in fairly short order?
I do have a shop manual and tire chains for it also. I wish I knew more but I honestly do not.



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