1971 Volkswagen Meyers Manx

Winning bid: US $5,900.00

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Funnybug sez:
A near perfect example of a well built Manx with a lot of detail in the write up.

Ebay Description:

Up for auction is a rare chance at one of the most original Meyers Manx dune buggies in the country. This is not a clone like most claiming to be a real Manx. It is the real deal. It is a Manx not a Manx 2 which came out later for the IRS pan. It is not painted. It has the original Yuma Yellow gel-coat that was sprayed in the mold in the late sixties.I have owned the car for about 20 years. It has been kept in a garage and is only driven on dry cool days in the spring and fall.It gets waxed twice a year and the gel-coat shines like new.It is very nice but not perfect.

There is evidence the gel-coat is wearing thin in some areas of the hood.There are some small holes drilled in various places in the body but not many.The area where the front license plate is was painted to match the gel-coat because there were some cracks. The color matches very well and was sprayed about 18 years ago. The original front and rear Manx emblems are there.The original Meyers Manx ID plate is intact. The pan is older but the car is titled as a 1971 Volkswagen sedan. I have a clear title in my name. The pan is in great shape. There are angle iron rails the form the perimeter of the body and and the floor pans are hand laid woven-roven fiberglass that has been painted chassis black.The fiberglass bucket seats are mounted on steel frames and are not adjustable. Stainless steel hardware was used in the construction.

The seat covers are 20 years old and are starting to come apart at the seams.There is no padding in the seats.The super rare original back seat is present and is showing its age. There are splits in each the top and bottom sections but they look good in the car.The original Manx roll bar is there and was rechromed in the mid 90s. The plastic dash is in fine shape and boasts a simple aluminum plate that houses the speedometer and fuel gauge.The speedometer cable is missing and the fuel guage cable has broken.The original red metalflake steering wheel is in good shape. The windshield glass was new a few years ago. The pedal assembly includes a cool skateboard wheel for the gas pedal. The stock shifter works good. The emergency brake works good. There are GM seatbelts on the front seats. There are no seatbelts in the rear. There is a 102" stainless steel whip antenna mounted on the rear of the body if you want to add a flag to it. The front and rear turn signals are from a '63 bug. Headlights are good quality standard dune buggy units. High beams don't work. Wipers and horn work.

Turn signals, running lights and brake lights work. Fuel tank was new about 10 years ago and I keep it full in the off season and use StaBil to keep the fuel fresh.The engine has very little time on it. It was rebuilt about 10 years ago but I figure I may only have 20,000 miles on it. All the ignition parts were new when the engine was new. It has a 009 distributor. Dual port 1600 with Kadron/Solex carbs. The exhaust sounds good. It has plenty of power.Starts right up,idles fine and is smooth in all RPM ranges.I did notice a small puff of grey smoke coming from one side of the engine when it is revved up a bit. The engine has never given me any trouble. I change the oil twice a year and that is very frequent considering how little it is driven.The swing-axle transmission shifts smoothly into all gears and the clutch is strong. The battery and starter are strong. The car was rewired a few years ago and except for the high beams not working everything is in order. The front end has king pins and they were rebuilt a few years ago. Front end slightly lowered. New brakes were done then also.

The Wheels and tires are only a few years old and are very nice American Racing Torque-Thrust D's mounted on aluminum adapters (Chevrolet 5 lug pattern) on wide five drums. There is a safety lug lock on each wheel and the new owner will get the key. 15x10 rear 15x7 front. 275 15 60 rear BFG TA rear, 225 15 60BFG TA front. KYB gas shocks on all four corners. The buggy rides very nice and handles like a go kart.

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