George Barris T-Buggy / Dune Buggy

Winning bid: US $2,203.00

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Funnybug sez:
Barris had his fingers into everything...

Ebay Description:

From the creator of such vehicles as the Batmobile, Monkee Mobile, Munster's Coach, Dragula, The Car, Fireball 500, General Lee, Kitt, Beverly Hillbillies, I have up for auction the "Barris T-Buggy". George Barris the "King of Kustomizers" was one of the first to create a Model T Dune Buggy body. Please follow this link within the Dune Buggy Archives and page down to Barris T-Buggy. You can also "Google" Barris T Buggy to find more information on this vehicle. This is a project buggy for someone who has time to complete, or for the collector who wants a piece of Barris history. The gel coat is original and in very good shape. There is some fade to the red color, but the pictures show the color to be a lot lighter than the red really is. Could use a good buff job, but as you can see from the pictures, it still has quite a shine. I'll try and add a picture using natural light. The buggy sits on a solid 1971 VW bug chasis that has been shortened. The frame and floorboards are solid. Two strips of fiberglass have been placed over the cuts that were made in the frame when it was shortened. Believe this was done to create a better seal once the frame was rewelded. The engine is an AE engine code and has a dual port intake manifold. These were the highest horsepower stock VW bug engines throughout the years. This also has the desireable IRS suspension. The motor turns and has compression. Unsure about the transmission. Was told that it ran fine five years ago when it was last driven. Don't hold me to that though, because I have not been unable to verify. The prior owner started to rewire it, but did not complete. That's the reason why it is not running. The gas tank is in the vehicle, but has been disconnected as well. The tires are shot and the rims are heavily pitted and flaking chrome. I'm throwing in a nice set of aluminum 15 inch rims. The rears are 10 1/2 wide, and the fronts are 7 1/2 wide. They have red accents that match nice with the buggy. A little elbow grease with Mothers Mag Brite, and they will look great Currently there is a Hillbilly roll bar in the buggy. More like a glorified light bar that would serve no protection if ever needed. It would look better with a regular roll bar. This is a four seat roadster version, and I believe that if you have it, or can find it, it will accept the optional "Paddy Wagon" top.


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