Manix Style Volkswagen Beatle Dune Buggy RV Tow Veh

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Funnybug sez:
Mannix was a PI show back in the 60's. Joe Mannix drove a custom Toronado..

Ebay Description:

You are looking at a very nice little red buggy with a Florida title. This vehicle was built as a Parade Buggy for ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE Football Games. I purchased it some years back from the same guy who built it many years ago. He now lives just outside (Auburn/ Opelika,Al) and still loves Tuscaloosa U/A football. I never figured out the location/loyalty??

It even has a nice finish in a dark C/Tide red and the seats are trimmed to match. A few nicks over the years but it looks really pretty good considering it was made into a buggy in the early 70s from his wife's beetle. It was a metalflake red prior to the dark red paint.

I keep this in my shop, covered at all times. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 7 considering it’s age and when it was built. I have seen some nicer but a lot worse too. As most of you know finding a Dune buggy that has not been butchered over the years is rare. This one has not been Mutilated.

It is powered by a single port VW engine and has a one barrel carburetor. The Eng No 9490041shows it to be a late1965 engine. The title shows the buggy as a 1965 VW, VIN 115730178. The builder/prior owner told me the engine was the original. I would think the engine is correct, as it would be hard to find one with the right serial number.

This spring:

I re-did the brakes, lines, and wheel cylinders.

Replaced the rear tires. Fronts still have a little dry-rot.

Repacked the front wheel bearings.

Cleaned/purged the gas tank/lines.

Replaced the rusted headlight with new ones.

Installed a new rebuilt carburetor.

Installed new rear drive boots on the axles.

Cleaned and waxed and spot painted it where needed.

This Dune-buggy also comes with a (1&7/8) ball tow-bar with the sale, not the best I have seen but it tows fine. So you can tow it to where you want to drive it and tow it home when you are finished. Great for cruising the beaches or football rallies or to pull behind a motorhome.

We bought this buggy to do all the above and cruise around but, we don’t drive it enough to justify keep it. It is time to let someone else enjoy it. I have owned it for a number of years and just don’t use it enough. I spend most of my free time on motorcycles.

Condition :Please keep in mind this car is used and has been repainted many years ago. So, PLEASE read the condition description and evaluate all of the pictures carefully prior to bidding. Also, I encourage ALL prospective buyers to take a look at the vehicle. If you have any additional questions or want to take a look at the car for yourself, feel free to CONTACT ME.

It has a Florida title and is located north of Panama City,Florida.

It starts right up on the first crank.

Engine: 1200 single-port with a one barrel carb.

Everything engages as it should. The cluch is good....

Exterior: As with any used car the exterior does have some flaws. There are some other small scratches and dings here and there (nothing atypical for the age).

Interior: The interior is in good shape overall. The floors/pans from front to back are all in good shape. The right side has been replace some years back. The seats are free of major stains, tears, etc, just normal wear. The left seats back does recline more than the right.

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