1974 Volkswagen Other DUNEBUGGY

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Funnybug sez:
street rod gauges dont really fit the dune buggy theme.. maybe if the seller wasn't so quick to call all the other ones 'scabs' it wouldn't be so much an issue. Or maybe it didn't sell because of the lousy write up, or maybe .. just maybe he never really wanted to sell it.

Ebay Description:

Up for grabs is my 1974 Dunebuggy. This is not your typical "SCAB" that you might see advertised by someone who doesn't have the time or effort to invest in the restoration. This buggy is complete and "road-ready". I will try to describe as much as I can and if I leave anything out, it is certainly un-intentional.

Firstly, I did not build the buggy-I got it as you see it here. If I can't answer any questions, I will attempt to contact the gentleman who built the buggy for clarification--he's a super guy!

O.K.-here we go. This buggy is finished in Porsche Red. The quality of the paint job is good, a little orange-peely but c'mon folks it's not a Barrett-Jackson Quality Collector Car here--it's a dune buggy. The seats are tan in colour and upholstered in an all-weather-type material with black piping. They are out of a Pontiac Fiero. It does have rear seating for two and all seats have fully functional seat belts. The floors are rubber in-lays with carpet surrounding the walls of the buggy--all black in colour. The dash looks AWESOME!! It is fitted with a comlete set of retro-style, white-faced, hot-rod type guages and YES-THEY ALL WORK!!! It also has a brushed aluminum plating which adds a killer look to complete it all. Another cool feature is the T-handle, billet "Bug-Pack" shifter-looks great! It currently does not have a stereo but the wiring is all ready behind the one aluminum plate which looks like a glove box on the dash. Who needs a stereo anyways--this thing sounds AWESOME!!! It is a 1600cc VW engine with dual carbs and enough stainless and chrome accents to make you blind! The thing runs like a top! You can have 100% confidence in driving this baby anywhere you want. And YES-it is a GENUINE VW OIL-DRIPPER. It will drip about 2-3 drops per month on the floor-so what. From a mechanical stand-point the car is aces. Currently, the buggy is licenced and insured for daily use on the road. The windshield has one small crack in it about 3 inches in the lower right hand corner (I will replace the glass if this gets your panties in a bunch). The rear "fatties" are mounted on non-pitted chrome mags and all four tires have well over 90% tread left. You will notice the rear tail lights-they are old-school Ford teardrops with the blue-dots--COOL!!!! The front lights are chrome bug-eyes and the turn signals are fender-mounted-ALL NEW STUFF!! The buggy is finished with chrome crash guards which completes the package. There is a soft top for the buggy which I have yet to look at as this was only ever going to see sunny days. However, when the buggy was painted, the snap holes on the chassis were filled in so if you intend to use the soft top in the future, you will have to install new snaps on the body (this is not difficult even for someone who doesn't know what they are doing).

I must say I regret to part with this machine and my children will probably dis-own me however, home reno's and other committments are calling. Please have complete confidence-it is a really neat ride and one you will surely enjoy for many years to come!

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