1972 vw dunney buggy big bore engine kit street leagel

Winning bid: US $3,900.00

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Funnybug sez:
I used to spell check and correct listings, but I'm just letting this ride now. Don't know how 'leagel' this is.. leagel as a beagle I hope.

Ebay Description:

time to sell the toys. i bought this unit about 4years ago and drove it home. i then put new tires and wheels on/ installed all the new auto meter gauges/ installed the big bore kit in the engine and went all over the car. the new speed ometer ony showes 155 mi on it i do not remember what the old one had on it. but after 4 years and relizing i never drive it. it is time to sell it. i just drove it last night for about 30 mi and every thing worked great. with the big bore engine this little car will spin the wide tires on the back and cruze right down the road 70mi no problem. the only thing that should be changed is the choke i would recomend a manual choke cable the car is cold blooded to start if the choke dont work. but flip it closed and it starts right up.

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