1966 VW off road manx style dunebuggy

Winning bid: US $5,700.00

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Funnybug sez:
Looks like a serious off road machine. Note the body lift.

Ebay Description:

Up for auction is my 1966 VW off road manx style dunebuggy. This dunebuggy is a blast, it turns heads everywhere you go and lights up all kids faces. This buggy was built to withstand some serious punishment. We built it for going on extreme 4x4 trails in the Colorado mountains, and there is nothing better than seeing jeeps that are going 2 mph getting stuck on some big rock and the look on there face when you just jump right over it going 25 mph. I'm sure we are in many of those homemade videos!

Now for what it is. It started out on a 1966 VW pan that was shortened and raised 3" with a body lift, that is what the car is titled as, we cut off the front horn that holds the beam on and made a complete tube chassis from the front holding the beam to the rear cage, the pan is really just there to keep you dry and hold the motor. The tubing is stout 2" OD everything was made of this. The front and the rear cages do unbolt to access beam and the motor. The front beam is a 10" widened beam with a Wright rack and pinion, has 3/4 ton Ford tie rod ends, and chromoly tie rods. The rear of this buggy has big 6x4 trailing arms (6" back and 4" out from stock), has sway away torsion rods, and dual shocks on each corner, all this gives the buggy a great stance that rides well. The motor is a freshly built 1904 probably has 500 miles on it. We spun a bearing in it last year and had the whole thing completly rebuilt. It all got dipped in the hot tank, all new bearings, and seals, cam was polished, cylinders where honed. The 1904 has a 74mm stroke with 90.5 pistons, runs a 120 Engle cam with a single Delardo cam, super fast and very reliable car, currently jetted and tuned to run at 5500-8000 ft. The transmission works perfectly and has a close 3rd and 4th gear ratio with a limited slip. The rear brakes have a disc brake conversion, axles are 21 1/2" with 930 CV joints on the ends. The body received fresh paint 2 years ago and is in near perfect shape, there is one scratch on the whole body and that is on the drivers fender it is about 2" long and will need some touch up paint (I have all the paint and it will go with the car). I had two VW signs put on the car (big one in the front and a small one over the motor) they are the same color orange but had alot of pearl added (very unique). The car has a newer battery, all new wiring (not hacked in) with no splices, new fuse box, and all new gauges. The steering wheel is a click off removeable wheel, the seats are new Beard racing seats with new Simpson 5 point racing harness seat belts, the seats do adjust on rails and slides. EVERYTHING WORKS the only thing not functional on the car is the speedometer and the oil pressure gauge. I never hooked up the oil gauge because I have a big red oil light that will that will come on (much easier to see when your beating through the woods). The speedometer just needs a cable, I do have everything needed for the oil gauge and it will go with the car. I do have a tow bar that hooks to the front beam to tow the car and this will also be included with the car. Car has a clear title. This buggy will fit into a toy hauler as seen in the picture.

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