1974 VW dune buggy

$6737 buy it now / did not sell

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Funnybug sez:
There is just so much "wrong" here. 1st, It has a Meyers ID tag when clearly by the ridged hood, it is NOT a genuine Manx. Then the dealer says it has a single port engine, but it is a dual port. And what's with the hockey net roll bar?

It appears to be extremely well put together, but the story raises many questions of the integrity of this dealer.

Ebay Description:

Offered here is a 1974 Dune Buggy. First and foremost I am a car dealer and my knowledge of this thing is little to nothing...please remember this when asking questions as I may not be able to tell you too many technical things about it. I purchase this buggy from a dealer friend who needed to sell it. He said it is a Meyers Manx. There is a tag on it that I took a picture of that says Meyers. He said it has a 1300 Single Port Air Cooled Volkswagen engine. It runs great and he drove it to my dealership from his house 30 miles away. It has a four speed transmission. He said it will go up to 70 miles per hour. It is NOT street legal in the state of Virginia! I drove it around our lot and it is a blast to drive! Has good tires, seats are in good condition. Paint is quite nice. This little Buggy looks great and runs great. He told me the gas guage does not work and it gets 150 miles to the tank.

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