1961 based dune buggy

sold $5700

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Funnybug sez:
Good looking twin carbed buggy. I'm sure a side mirror would be required to have it truly street legal. $5700 is more than I would have paid. Looks like a little buffing would help the aging gel-coat. '64 - '66 Mustang tail lights was a popular choice with the dune buggy crowd.

Ebay Description:

I have a street legal 1961 vw dune buggy that I bought in 1993 from the original owner. 2 years ago I sold it to a friend of mine and bought it back 1 year later after he had a heart attack.This buggy has always been garaged and has not sat outside, the gold metal flake has not faded, the floor pans are solid with no rust. Since I have owned it, I have rebuilt the front end, brakes, transmission, and motor. The motor is a 1835cc with 120 Engle Cam, GEX 39x32mm heads, dual Weber 40mm carburetors, and it runs very strong. I just put in a new clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, clutch cable, flex tube, master cylinder, generator, and starter. I adjusted the valves, and balanced the carburetors, and changed the oil and cleaned the screen, so it is ready for the summer.

It is street legal with turn signals, horn, lights, front and rear seat belts, the Camaro reclining leather seats are very comfortable. The top fits and seals real good, easy to install and remove, and a JVC CD stereo, the rear speaker will remove very easy with 2 wires so passengers can ride in the back.

This buggy is very reliable and I have taken it on many 200 plus mile trips with no trouble, it will run 65 to 70 all day long. I wouldn't be afraid to head out to California in it. I will include a tow bar so you can tow it or drive it home.

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