1970 based dune buggy
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Funnybug sez:
Unfortunately, I neglected to record the final eBay sale price. I question the authenticity of the description. A 1970 would have had an IRS transaxle and 4 bolt wheels.
And if this seller has built so many of these in the past, why doesn't he know the manufacturer of this one?

Ebay Description:

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION I HAVE FOR SALE A NICE DUNE BUGGY BUILT ON A 1970 VW CHASSIS! This is a fun little car that is powered by a 1600 CC VW engine "it has plenty of power". The transmission is a four speed manual, the brakes and steering are stock VW. You can buy mechanical parts for this buggy most any parts store "just ask for a 1970 type 1 beetle parts". I built several of these in the late 70s and early 80s, you just take the VW body off the pan, do a little fabrication and bolt the dune buggy body on.

ENGINE: The engine is a stock 1600 CC, 1970 VW engine. It runs very strong pushing this light body. I just gave it a tune-up with new plugs, new points, new distributor cap and a valve adjustment. The old carburetor was junk so I replace it wih a new one. "not rebuilt/new".

TRANSMISSION: Four speed manual transmission with no un-wanted noises, it shifts very good and the clutch and pressure plate seem good, the shifter is a after market by IMPI that I like a lot.

BRAKES: Original VW drum all around that stop nice. The shoes, wheel cyclinders, rubber lines and front drums are all new.

TOP: The top is fiberglass and in good condition. It bolts on, but could be un-bolted very easy if you would like it off.

WHEELS: The wheels are a direct bolt on made for VWs with no adapters. They are OK, but have some dull places.

TIRES: Tires are in decent condition, they could use a rebalance.

PAINT: The color looks like the late 60s color of PLUM CRAZY PURPLE. The paint is not great up close under inspection, it has lots of touched up chips and some dull places. It looks perfect in pictures and at 20 feet and to my eye plenty good for a dune buggy.

UNDERSIDE: Solid tunnel, no rust problems with any tubes or major conponents. It does have a rusty corner under the battery and the corner on the other side. This is thin sheet metal and has no effect on the strength of the pan/frame.

INTERIOR: Seat covers are good, but not new and the carpet good. The speedometer and gauges are not hooked up. I forgot to try the radio.

LIGHTS: Headlights and tail lights work. The right turn signal is not working, I'll try to fix it if I get time.

TITLE OF REGISTRATION: Clear Tennessee title in hand.

INSPECTIONS: Inspections are welcome, but must be done before the listing ends. Please come and look your self “that’s the best”, but if you want an independent inspector they are welcome. After you buy the car it’s yours, please do your research, inspections and planning.

“PLEASE DON’T BUY ON IMPLUSE” Come look and ask questions.

BOTTOM LINE: My lowest price $4,500, I will give a $200 discount if you pay the old school way and we talk before you hit the buy now button.

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