The un~Funnybug 

My younger son Jeremy ventured into Volkswagens briefly with this semi-automatic 71 Super Beetle. You can tell from the plate that he didn't want to adhere to "Funnybug".

Jason donated his one piece windowed doors from his interim bug he was driving, as he was now tooling around in his Renault LeCar. This wasn't a bad car, but the rings were worn and when the engine heated up, it started smoking oil.

dash and foam wheel...

Eventually, the semi-automatic went the same way Darlene's did in the pink Funnybug, so we installed a manual trans with a CNC hydraulic clutch and bus trans strap to keep it from slamming around under torque. I don't remember what happened to this car in the end. But the hydraulic clutch was sweet.

We still have the plates

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