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Remembering Volkswagen Greats Magazine


At the height of the VW craze, and on the coat tails of Dune Buggies and Hot VW's dominance, we were graced with Volkswagen Greats Magazine. This was a fun publication that always (well, almost always) had great cover art work, and typically wrapped it's how to's and project's within a single issue.

It's easy to assume that VW Greats remorphed itself after death as VW Trends, which started in 1980, but in fact it was reborn as VW&Porsche Magazine, which is a publication I never payed attention to.

Starting as a quarterly publication, it quickly grew to bi-monthly, then briefly monthly, settling back to bi-monthly until it ultimatly disappeared like the Volkswagen air cooled engines America was enthralled with.

These magazines a not for sale (well, not at this time anyways) and this web page was originally built to help me keep track of which issues I already have, as I seem to have a knack of buying issues I already have, (like 5 August 1974 issues)

Click the little picture over there and the cover will appear right here. When you're done, feel free to drop me a line with any corrections or comments. or not...

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