a little bit more Funnybug X

November 21, 2010

Here's is the very 1st picture of the new beginning. 

So according to the young mother I got this from, the engine has been line bored, has new jugs, rebuilt heads and hasnt been started since it was dyno'd. (which explains the factory tape on the brand new exhaust). and there's supposed to be a brand new clutch as well.

The car's been sitting outside for 2 years neglected, so I'm sure there's water and rocks where they shouldn't be (she has a handicapped son) but I won't be trying to fire it up any time soon anyways

Parts will be sold off it to help fund newer replacements. The mags are uneccessarily rusted. But it was an easy tow home some 26 miles. And we passed to local police cruisers strategically parked as well as an Ohio State Trooper. No hassles about not having a plate on it.

We stopped at a McDonalds on the way back for supper and got a "Nice Dune Buggy!" called out to us as we were walking in to order. haven't heard that in 18 years.. felt good.

there's a huge bee hive by the frozen pedals that dislodged itself during the tow. lotsa bees out here in Ohio.. really.. LOTS

initial plans are to strip the spray can geen off. It's alledgedly blue underneath

my only real concern at this point is that the engine is 6 volts.

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