a little bit more Funnybug 8

simplistic beauty. a 1967 Volkswagen dashboard.

what you can just see is the rug headliner at the top of the windshield. tacky...

a prior engine fire changed the paint scheme and warped the fenders.

The rear fenders from Funnybug 4 (now in pieces to the right).. more rug..

punched in the nose. the original front apron.

"new" front apron from a 73 bug.

Back in Salem, Mass. My new next door neighbor called the police on me because the car was unbefitting to Salem's historic nature. And people wonder why after all the bull I went through with the Funnybugs, I won't go back to Massachusetts. Here's the last picture before Jason took it over. 

So what happened to Funnybug 8? Well, we moved back to Massachusetts from New Hampshire, and I drove it for a while. Then, it went to Jason when his LeCar he was driving died. His new girl friend (now wife) didn't like it and he sold it to his cousin Drew, who in turn traded it to someone for a wimpy 1979 Z-28.

Ironically, a couple of years later, Jason bought that very Z-28 which in itself became a story he can can share with his son some day. (project: "Buddy")

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