a little bit more Funnybug 7

This is actually the same body style as Funnybug 6. I believe it was from Autodynamics (Deserter) which was in Marblehead Mass. .. about 5 miles from where we lived at the time in Lynn.

I really dropped the ball on this one. I did have the pan sand blasted at a monument company. (where they make head stones for graves). The pan eventually ended up in my nephews possession.

I bought this rust bucket semi auto in Marblehead for the engine in it. See? I didn't "not" try to get this together!

"Hey Dad, remember when I was sanding Funnybug 5 and you were fooling with your camera?"


something happened.. because the engine ended up somewhere else.

One idiosyncrasy of the body was that it didn't fit! My guess is the pan was shortened a little too much. So I notched the body with the intention of building in relief's so the suspension could 'work' without ruining the body. 

...cooking burgers in the back of the $50 Dodge pickup.

Things got ugly where we were living in Lynn. When the guy down stairs from me moved in, my compressor we'd painted Funnybug 5 with "disappeared" mysteriously. Some girl got stabbed below my front room window. Our best friend and Jeremy's Godmother died in a car accident. Stuff started walking out of the yard... So my attention turned to getting the hell out of there. That's when we moved to New Hampshire. But Funnybug 7 came with us!

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