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Funnybug 5


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My 17 year old son Jason wanted a dune buggy of his own, so he picked up this blue, once very well built one in East Lynn, Massachusetts.

It sat well on it's rusty chrome reverse wheels. Here cousin Christopher checks out the new ride.

Mom and Dad check out the new ride.

You can hear the gears turning in Jason's head from the look on his face.

Disassembly started almost immediatly to get to the rusted through and poorly patched floor pan

Floor pans were ordered from Mofoco and were delivered within the first week

pop riviting the newly shortened floor panel in

One side cut out and temp pop rivited in, Jason starts on the passenger side floor.

In 2012, I finally threw that cheap Black & Decker jig saw out, after it obviously couldn't function anymore.

Test fitting and calculating how much needs to be removed from the full size replacement panel.

Nobody could weld back then, so we had a guy with a mobil welding unit come by and make it permanent.

Welded in and painted, Jason did a fantastic job making the pan safe for the road again.

With the pan ready it was time to work on the body. Initial sanding revealed that in one of it's previous lives, it was YELLOW


and it's not even a good yellow

for such a small body, it took a lot of sandpaper

attacking pin holes and spider cracks...

almost time to start squitin' some new color

I forget where Jason got these wheels from or what they were off of originally

When you don't have a garage or paint booth, you improvise.

I thought you had the paint........

Darlene's ready

Darlene, can you bring the body over here?

Don't want to get any over spray on Funnybug 7

and it begins..

really not the best of painting conditions

Jason had filled in that hack hole a previous owner cut to reach the carburetor.

and they say he doesn't look like me

and it's white..

Jason and Darlene off to their senior prom (upstaging the limo's)

High School graduation day with a state inspection mandated muffler cover which really pissed me off because motorcycles get to run their engines open to the world. There's a reason they're known as MASSHOLES

Taking the pool party guests for dune buggy rides

Now living in Somersworth, New Hampshire, 1992 & 1993

Engine upgrade day. New pipes, external oil cooler, aluminum fan shroud

and a cookout

As good as Funnybug 2 (the Deserter) / a great save by Jason.

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