a little bit more Funnybug 2

Partially built up, my landlord who lived in the front of 72 Woodman St. in Lynn, MA.wasn't too impressed..

A little further along.. what a difference a roof makes.

How important a picture this is.. Here it is, hitting the street for the very first time! With battle damaged Funnybug  looking on.

Funnybug... in the rose garden... with mud.

Another wickedly important picture.. from inside Funnybug 1, with my 1973 Charger SE behind it.

In the background is my 1973 Beetle I'd bought from my buddy/boss up at Port Poly. He sold it to me for $300 with a blown engine. (that's a 4 year old car for $300!). I rebuilt the engine and loaded it in another friends Vega and we drove 75 miles with it in the back seat of the Vega to where the bug was. A near fatal accident later en route and after getting the engine out of the middle of the front seats, we got it installed and drove home in the bug around midnight.

I stored this in my late brothers garage over the winter and drove through the blizzard of 78 in the yellow bug. I mean through the blizzard from Salem NH to Lynn Massachusetts, after dropping my Vega-less co-worker/buddy Al off in Revere. That's my wife's camper~bus in the background. 

Happy times.. My nephew Derek trying it on for size.

Lynn Mass. If I remember correctly, this is the last picture moments before it was sold.

2 years, a million memories and this is #1:

In 1977, or maybe it was 1978, my wife Carol and I got sucked into the cb radio craze. We'd formed a close relationship with a couple who went by Rabbit and Honey Bunny. Ron and Sue Townsend. They were organizers of a cb get together one day at a public campground. Horseshoes, burgers, etc. 

Anyway, Sue wanted to go for a ride in the Funnybug, so we hopped in and started cruising. I saw a dirt road and figured it would be a good time to show off. Well, the road went up and up and up and eventually the road went away and we were in the woods still going up. Suddenly there was a huge BANG under my ass, so I stopped to see what I'd hit. It was a rock partially exposed from the dirt. The Funnybug was fine, with a new dent on the pan, but, while I was out of the car, I figured it'd be a good time to take a leak. So I walked up about 30 feet to where the trees were, and as I was emptying... I noticed that I was wasn't making any 'noise'. Lo and behold, it was the top of a ledge with a 100 foot drop.

If it wasn't for that rock, you might not be reading this today.

I wonder why I went with this spelling on the cb call cards...

If anyone reading this has a Ladybug card (KBGA 5878) please let me know. We don't have one.

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