a little bit more Funnybug 1

It wasn't more than two weeks after buying the first Funnybug, that the changes started. The wood panels on the dash were hand made. The knot on the glove compartment door was intentional. You can just see the mystery knob to the right of the glove compartment below the radio. The ignition was on the left of the ash tray, but the knob on the right was for a 6 volt gas heater adapted to 12 volts. Talk about warm in the winter! The door panels were covered in leather from a near full bolt  I got from someone's trash on the way home from work one night. (2nd shift). That Grant wheel lasted through quite a few successors also. 

And here was my inspiration: My best friends 62 bug with a Porsche 356. Funnybug was eventually painted in the welders shop right behind my house in this picture.

We were supposed to have a cookout with our families this day, but the engine gave it up and this was my only car. Yes, that's me pouting and my buddy who got me hooked on bugs in the first place.

The engine turned out okay. Those fiberglass fenders were 2nd hand out of the Bargain Hunters Guide:

Before the Mustang turn signals, I used the original back up lights to keep legal. Those legislators in Massachusetts have always been way over the line with interpreting and enforcing rules. (see main story Funnybug 4).

Alas.. hit number 2 after the paint job. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was closing the deal in Malden Mass. accepting a job at the newly founded Port Poly Plastics company in Salem, New Hampshire. Freezing cold and icy, waiting for the guy ahead of me to stop flooring it on the icy pavement... Ironically sitting almost in front of the home where my brother Jerry lived when he was first married.. Little old lady in her Buick, wheels locked, sliding right towards me. I almost made it up the snow bank to avoid her, but she got me. Delaying fate, it was hit hard less than 6 months later on the other side.

These mags were originally purchased for the 68 Barracuda I had when Jason was born. They reappear on Funnybug 2. This was (all the funnybugs actually) built on a shoe string budget. Almost everything purchased was 2nd hand. The rear fenders, tail lights, the eventual fiberglass front fenders, Hurst shifter. rear pop out windows.. 

I miss this car.


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